I fell in love with programming a long time ago. Those were the days of The Terminator, Aliens and Tron. Awesome games had names then like Dungeon Master, Lemmings, or Xenon II Megblast. The best platform to develop on was the Comodore Amiga. This is the same machine that, once opened, revealed the signatures of the gang (check it out). Games were developed in Assembler language, as lean as the storage device allowed and still rocked!

MovGames is simply this. We're all about games, programming and the tools that make the magic happen.


The Dictionary states: an activity that one engages in for amusement or fun.

How many games have you played that fit the bill? Here, you'll read about the ones which I believe check all the boxes.

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Tails of Iron

Once in a while, you come across a game that really gets you going. You dive in, get lost in it and lose complete track of time. Tails of Iron is one such game... - read more


Duke Nukem is back! His name is Colt. Duke Nukem is back! His name is Colt. Duke Nukem is back! His name is Colt... (in a loop) - read more


Paradigms, Patterns, Data and why the parallel to the Lego™ model

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Elixir Phoenix Upload Management + S3

A feature that keeps popping up in every software project is file management. From the simple task of uploading a user profile image to displaying a carousel that illustrates a recipe or a product, you'll face some level of dilemma. - read more

Tag Input in Elixir Phoenix

Live TagInput Component in Elixir Phoenix: a Journey into the World of LiveComponents. - read more

Unravelling Elixir

My God! It's full of stars! This may not be 2001 A Space Odyssey but it’s 2022: the year we embark on a functional programming odyssey! Sorry, I couldn’t resist. - read more


Software that rocks. Great tools new and old. All flavours of scripting: the bash and python scripture according to MovoGames.

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Visual Studio Code

Nothing beats a knife to carve a steak. The best tool is usually the simplest one to do the job. As IDEs go, VSC is it! - read more

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