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Tails of Iron

Once in a while, you come across a game that really gets you going. You dive in, get lost in it and lose complete track of time. Tails of Iron is one such game... - read more

Elixir Phoenix Upload Management + S3

A feature that keeps popping up in every software project is file management. From the simple task of uploading a user profile image to displaying a carousel that illustrates a recipe or a product, you'll face some level of dilemma. - read more

Tag Input in Elixir Phoenix

Live TagInput Component in Elixir Phoenix: a Journey into the World of LiveComponents. - read more

Unravelling Elixir

My God! It's full of stars! This may not be 2001 A Space Odyssey but it’s 2022: the year we embark on a functional programming odyssey! Sorry, I couldn’t resist. - read more

Visual Studio Code

Nothing beats a knife to carve a steak. The best tool is usually the simplest one to do the job. As IDEs go, VSC is it! - read more


Duke Nukem is back! His name is Colt. Duke Nukem is back! His name is Colt. Duke Nukem is back! His name is Colt... (in a loop) - read more